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“I don’t hesitate to say "Vehicle Shipping!" when someone asks me if I know a good transport company. Everyone is friendly, courteous and above all, professional."

Megan Buell
Connell Nissan

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1) Always on time when promised.

2) Friendly and helpful.

3) Quick to resolve problems.

4) Great to work with.

Wes Harris
Diritos Brothers Saab

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"Fantastic service. I've been shipping cars for 20 years and Vehicle Shipping has the most reliable service and fastest shipping I've ever had."

Rick Beel
Innovative Sales
and Leasing

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Canada Auto Moving

Vehicle Shipping is a world-class provider of safe and dependable door-to-door Vehicle Shipping service, within the United States, to all Canadian provinces and around the world. We have extensive experience in delivering all types of autos, trucks, buses, trailers, RVs, motorcycles, and even boats. Our experienced, trustworthy staff stands ready to fulfill all your Moving needs from in both the USA and Canada. We are experienced in dealing with specialized customs information on both sides of the US/Canadian border, and are proud to facilitate hassle-free Transport of your autos, trucks, buses, trailers, RVs, motorcycles, and even boats..

For your peace of mind, we can deliver door-to-door Car Moving service whether your need is for open or enclosed car carriers.

Vehicle Shipping offers the following Vehicle Transporting services:

  • Buying vehicles from the USA and shipping it to Canada
  • Buying vehicles from Canada and shipping it the USA
  • Relocating for work or study visas
  • Immigration moves
  • Giving vehicles to family or friends as gifts
  • Shipment of vehicles into Canada or the USA for repairs
  • Government transfers

What We Offer:

At Vehicle Shipping, we provide sansung3 services to all major Canadian cities including: Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Ottawa, Regina, Winnipeg, Montreal, Saskatoon, Toronto, Halifax, and more. Experience has taught us how stressful a move can be, let us make your next Vehicle Shipping for you. To get the best price, simply fill out our free Vehicle Transport quote from and someone from our staff will contact you.

Vehicle Shipping has terminals in Canada to accommodate your Canada auto shipping needs anywhere within Canada and the United States. For your convenience, our terminals are located in Edmonton, Alberta; Burnaby, British Columbia; and Toronto, Ontario. Picking up and dropping off your vehicle at one of our terminals may help save both time and money. These terminals are secure, staffed facilities, that are open at convenient times. When this takes place, It is important that you understand that a drop-off or storage service fee may apply.

We at Vehicle Shipping Transport vehicles from the United States to Canada, from Canada to the United States and from one province to another. We have extensive experience in both open and enclosed door-to-door or door-to-terminal Vehicle Transport opportunities. We have experience in transporting vehicles from Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Saskatoon, Ottawa, Montreal, Toronto, and Halifax. Our team of drivers travel throughout the main parts of Canada to service a wide range of shipping needs. These trucks are designed to pick up and deliver vehicles in regional geographic area at the same time. For information on how Vehicle Shippingcan fulfill your transporting needs, fill out the quote form and our agent will be in touch with you soon.

Canadian Border Ports of Entry - U.S. Customs & Border Protection

British Columbia & Washington State

Pacific Highway: Surrey, BC / Blaine, WA
Douglas: (Peace Arch) Surrey / Blaine, WA
Boundary Bay: Delta, BC / Point Roberts, WA
Huntington: Huntington, BC / Sumas, WA
Ferry: Midway, BC / Ferry, WA
Port Angeles: Victoria, BC / Port Angeles, WA

British Columbia & Idaho

Kingsgate: Emerson, MB / Pembina, ND
Rykerts: Rykerts, BC / Porthill, ID

Manitoba & North Dakota

Pembina: Emerson, MB / Pembina, ND
North Portal: North Portal, SK / Portal, ND

New Brunswick & Main

St. Stephen: St. Stephen, NB / Calais, ME
Woodstock Road: Belleville, NB / Houlton, ME

Ontario & Michigan

Ambassador Bridge: Windsor, ON / Detroit, MI
Detroit and Canada Tunnel: Windsor, ON/ Detroit, MI
Blue Water Bridge: Sarnia, ON / Port Huron, MI
Sault Ste. Marie: Sault Ste. Marie, ON / Sault Ste. Marie, MI

Ontario & Minnesota

Fort Frances Bridge: Fort Frances Bridge, ON / International Falls, MN

Ontario & New York

Alexandria Bay: Lansdowne, ON / Alexandria Bay, NY
Cornwall: Cornwall, ON / Rooseveltown, NY
Thousand Island Bridge: Lansdowne, ON / Alexandria Bay, NY
Queenstown-Lewiston Bridge: Queenstown, ON / Lewiston, NY
Peace Bridge: Fort Erie, ON / Buffalo-Niagara Falls, NY - No vehicle exports
Rainbow Bridge: Niagara Falls, ON / Niagara Falls, NY - No vehicle exports

Saskatchewan & Montana

Aden: Aden, AB / Whitlash, MT
Big Beaver: Big Beaver, SK / Whitetail, MT
Carway: Carway, AB / Piegan, MT
Climax: Climax, SK / Turner, MT
Coronach: Coronach, SK / Scobey, MT
Del Bonita: Del Bonita, AB / Cut Bank, MT
Monchy: Monchy, SK / Loring, MT
Sweetgrass: Coutts, AB / Sweetgrass, MT
West Poplar: West Poplar River, SK / Opheim, MT
Willow Creek: Willow Creek, SK / Havre, MT

Quebec & New York State

St. Bernard-de-Lacolle: Lacolle, QC / Champlain, NY

Quebec & Vermont

Rock Island: Stanstead, QC/ Derby Line, VT
St-Armand/Phillipsburg: St. Armand, QC/ Derby Line, VT